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Thursday, Jan. 12

January 12, 2017

Spongebob: Final exam. That concludes our business in this course, but we’ll meet briefly on Tuesday so that I can hand these back, along with your final stories/screenplays.

Critical Reading: Today you turned in your final papers. You also filled out this cover sheet, explaining what you did: critical-reading-1-12-17-final-paper-cover-sheet

If you were absent, this cover sheet is required, and is part of your grade, so make sure you fill it out and turn it in.

Siren: Susan Zanke with USA Today visited to train everyone on how to use the blog. Thank you for your attentiveness.

Style: Today you did one more style, in class. You have an extra credit assignment due Tuesday (it must be typewritten) that is good for — potentially — up to 10 points extra credit in any class (including Mr. LeRoy’s) where you need the points the most.

Here are the guidelines: style-1-12-17-exit-style-and-bonus-round

Reading for Writers: Today you turned in your final prompt. I went over the guidelines for the History of Horror final tomorrow.

Survey: Poetry: Work day. You have two final assignments due tomorrow: your final poem + analysis (+ reading), and your final fiction prompt.

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