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Tuesday, Jan. 17

January 18, 2017


Poetry Workshop next semester received this packet of terms from Survey Poetry: survey-poetry-study-guide-final-exam-2017

There will be a test on these terms on the first day of workshop: Monday, Jan. 23.

You have two additional things to do for this Friday. First, I gave out a packet of “self-portrait” poems (see me if you were absent to get a copy). You are to write a self-portrait poem of any type — based on one of the poems in the packet, or not. This must be turned in via typewritten hard copy at the beginning of first block Friday.

Second, you are to post your first poem — whether it’s the self-portrait poem, an old poem, or something else brand new — on the blog by 8:45 a.m. Friday. I will make up packets and give them out so we can start workshop next week!

(This means we’ll need to invite everyone to the blog, which is currently being set up. We’ll do that tomorrow.)

If you are in

Fiction Workshop next semester, you need to download this packet fiction-workshop-1-17-pre-class-material  and complete the assignment for next week. Don’t miss the part where you need to pick a story from the Norton Anthology.

Spongebob: Went over final exams and your final projects. Recommended The Writer’s Journey for those of you who’d like to continue with this archetypal writing. Thanks, everyone!

Critical Reading: N/A

Siren: Worked on January edition, which we hope to assemble and distribute Friday.

Style: You turned in your extra credit lists, which will be assigned where you most need the credit.

Reading for Writers: Gave back the History of Horror stories/screenplays. Those who did not take the final in HoH will do so tomorrow.

Middle School L.A. Enrichment: Took a quiz on Catcher, Chapters 16-20. Collected your Holden comparison prompts. For next Monday, please read Chapters 21-24.

Gave out these guidelines for the Marion Blumenthal poetry contest: blumenthal-poetry-contest-guidelines-jan-2017 The deadline is Feb. 6.

Survey: Poetry: Went over what’s next. Individual meetings Thursday and Friday.

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