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Wednesday, January 18

January 18, 2017

CNF Workshop: Final workshop: Revisions of Hall, Pilch and McDanel. That is all. Thank you for playing.

Future Class: Fiction Workshop: These are the story selections so far. If a story is listed here, it is no longer available for the Short Story Report assignment (fiction-workshop-1-17-pre-class-material).

Henry – The Death of Ivan Illych (Tolstoy)
Faith – The Lady with the Dog (Chekhov)
Bailey – Gorilla, My Love (Bambara)
Hannah A – Angel Levine (Malamud)
Ash – The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World (Marquez)
Layla – King of the Bingo Game (Ellison)
Becca – Why I Like Country Music (McPherson)
Greer – Heart of Darkness (Conrad)
Ian – Gimpel the Fool (Singer)
Cassidy – The Dead (Joyce)
Cecil – An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (Bierce)
Joanie – The Use of Force (Williams)
Victoria – The Moths (Viramontez)
Spencer – Rules of the Game (Tan)

Public Speaking: Tomorrow we will hear our final two presentations. I hope to give back the final grades Monday.

BatCat: Today some of us met to discuss valentines and handouts for AWP. For anyone planning or confirmed for AWP, I will meet with you all sometime next week.

Horror: You voted for two Twilight Zone episodes: “The Four Of Us Are Dying” and “I Shot an Arrow.” Mr. Goodman will be here tomorrow to talk about Night of the Living Dead.

Survey: Played “The First 10 Minutes” with RED, Mrs. Doubtfire and Labyrinth. Winners announced Friday. Began individual meetings.

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