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Monday, January 23

January 23, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Day one. You turned in annotations (and online comments) for the first three poems: Hamilton, Bullock and Koscinski.

Then you took a refresher test. If you were absent, you’ll take it Wednesday.

For Wednesday: comments and annotations for the other three poems in the packet: Bocek, Cianfarano and Bett.

Fiction Workshop: Today we went over the syllabus, as well as the preparatory packet that you received last week for this class. Here are links to all of the files handed out in class: fiction-1-23-17-comment-guidelines and fiction-1-23-17-syllabus.

For Wednesday, please have your short story analysis questions finished (typed and printed).

For next week (exact day TBA), please read through the comment guidelines and read the sample comments attached. Rank them as directed. We will be discussing these.

Ongoing, please start working on some new pieces for later in the semester. I estimate that there will be two rounds at some point that have no specific guidelines, so you’ll need to have pieces in the works. Since they’re expected to be completed, you should start now so that you have time to personally revise.

You already have the guidelines for Round 1; we will set the due dates for this round probably next week. Get started now!

Family Values: Today we began class. I asked you to provide a definition of “family.” and we discussed your definitions briefly. I asked you to bring a notebook for class. We also took a brief survey of shows you’re familiar with.

BatCat: We are staying after on Wednesday (1/25) to work on marbling.

Comedy: Day one. Handed back your History of Horror finals. We took a brief survey of stuff you’ve watched thus far. Bring a notebook to class tomorrow.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today I handed back some of your work from Fiction and we had a reading in class. Yeah, donuts again this Friday. See you on Wednesday!

Middle School L.A. Enrichment: Took a brief quiz on Chapters 21-24 in Catcher. Please finish the book by Wednesday and be ready for a test on the entire book. You can also bring your books back then.

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