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Friday, February 3

February 3, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Kasper and Kennedy.

For Monday: there was a new packet. From it, comments and annotations for Smith, Hulick and Duffy.

Fiction Workshop: Today most of you read a couple of examples from the assignment that was due today (rewrites); if you didn’t share today or were absent, please plan to do so on Monday. 🙂

The first two stories are due to be posted Monday; I will hand these out in class. There is no standing homework.

Family Values: Today we listened to this episode of The Goldbergs (the radio show) from the UCLA archives.

Then we watched the first 10 minutes of this episode of the TV adaptation, from Aug. 29, 1949:

We noted a couple of differences: the pacing is very, very slow, comparatively. Movements tend to be more understated. These have something to do with the single-camera setup, which we’ll be discussing more next week.

BatCat: Monday we will finish stuffing the handouts for AWP, and that’s about it for prep (besides cranking out a few more buttons) – amazingly.

Comedy: Arrested Development, S1 Ep 5 and 6.

We talked about three gags in particular, and how they relate to our terminology:

Michael abducts Helen: dramatic irony

Buster bids on the wrong Lucille: situational irony

Tobias and Lindsay visit the counselor: situational comedy; reversal of expectations

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we read an excerpt from Fantastic Mr. Fox and watched the corresponding part of the film. On a stylistic note, this script is on the exposition-heavy end of the spectrum. As you start writing your own exposition and screenplays, try not to exceed the density that’s being used here. Wes Anderson can get away with writing like this on the regular because he’s also the director of the work; as a “pure” screenwriter, you will tend to want to dial it down a bit.

I checked your extra credit and collected Assignment 1. If you were absent, please get these to me Monday MORNING – I will be giving you feedback 4th block on Monday, and I would deeply appreciate the time to get yours graded by that time!

No homework.

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