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Wednesday, February 22

February 22, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Hamilton and Duffy. For Friday: comments and annotations for Ohlund and Smith.

Round 3 poems due on the blog by 8 a.m. Monday, Feb. 27.

Fiction Workshop: Today you took a quiz on the flash fiction packet you were to read for today, and we spent a little bit of time talking about those stories. Following that, we went over the difference between active voice and passive voice, which is something I’d like you to keep an eye out and a thought on as we go forward this semester.

There was short reading handed out for next Wednesday. There are two stories that you need to have ready for Friday. Check your calendars. Also, we will set due dates for Round 2 sometime next week, so if you haven’t started on those pieces yet: now is the time!

Family Values: Test #1. You’ll make it up Friday if you were absent.

BatCat: More design discussion today.

Comedy: Today we gave out this list of terms we’ve discussed, which should help you as you take notes: comedy-terms

Then you turned in your wordplay homework and we acted the skits out. They actually went better than I thought. That doesn’t mean they were funny, necessarily, but all of them, in one way or another, fulfilled the requirement, which is the important thing.

We then began watching She Done Him Wrong, a Mae West film from 1933 that was released pre-Code.

We’ll continue Thursday. Make note of the “blue”(ish) comedy and the double entendre especially!

Middle School LA: Today you turned in your “symbolism” homework, and we read a few aloud.

We took a third quiz on Night. For next week, please read pages 85 to 103.

We also talked about the symbolism of “night” in the book — specifically, the way it is symbolic of human darkness. Not just the Nazis’ — we knew that already! — but the inmates in the camp(s). We went over the instances of inhumanity described thus far, and the way the inmates lose theirs. That is representative of a sort of “night” of the soul — as is the narrator’s loss of faith, which he admits was replaced with a yawning (and presumably dark) void.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we did a few things:

First, we read an excerpt from the Tootsie screenplay.

After break, we switch gears to Assignment 4, Part 1. Before handing in your outlines, you filled out a logline sheet (which can also be found here: screenwriting-2-22-17-assignment-4-logline-sheet). You stapled this to your outline and handed them in.

Finally, we got back to Tootsie. You have a take-home quiz for Friday. I handed this out in class, and if you were absent, it is waiting for you in the box.

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