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Thursday, February 23

February 23, 2017

Argument: Test #1.

For Tuesday: be sure you have read “A Modest Proposal.” You need to know the author, the primary claim, and the different types of appeals used in the essay. You should also have some sense of when the essay was written, and what it was a response to.

Adaptation: Today you did an in-class response to Chatman’s What Novels Can Do…, followed by a discussion.

For Tuesday, you have a reading by Leitch (Twelve Fallacies) and an associated response, which was handed out today: adaptation-2-23-17-response-4-twelve-fallacies. This needs to be typed for Tuesday, as usual.

Background reminder: time to work on the Shakespeare project is not going to be built into class, so it is on you to get started. Get a library card; find what you can online; let me know if you need help.

Siren: Gave out workshop packets. You need to have them annotated — please pay particular attention to grammatical/AP Style errors — for Tuesday, when we will workshop these pieces.

In the second half of class, expect a guest who we’ll interview for the following week’s workshop pieces.

Daily Prompt: Good times with portmanteaux today. We also read entries that we didn’t have time to read due to Tuesday’s shortened class.

Publishing: Today we worked on your business cards. I hope that these will be finished by the end of next week.

Comedy: Today we finished She Done Him Wrong and talked a bit about the beginning of the MPAA. Here’s the board:


We didn’t get far in this conversation and will continue on Tuesday. You also have a reading assignment for Tuesday, which is here: comedy-2-22-17-the-production-code-text.

Survey: CNF: We began with a brief activity about libel. When is libel something we need to worry about, and when is it not?

Next, we read an excerpt from Henry Louis Gates’s memoir Colored People. We read the first few pages, about his hometown of Piedmont, WV. We did this to introduce the idea of a “sense of place” essay — the third type of CNF essay we have seen so far.

You wrote moments and details about a place of your choosing — a place about which you listed five good things, and five not-so-good things. This will be the subject of your next essay.

PLEASE REMEMBER: bring back your copies of the Colored People excerpt on Tuesday. Please bring back your notecards as well.

Also remember: your “theme-first” essay is due on Tuesday. Details are in this past Tuesday’s blog entry.

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