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Tuesday, February 28

February 28, 2017

Argument: Quiz on “A Modest Proposal.” We dissected the claims and appeals, and the ways in which they work together in this argument, which we identified as an example of Juvenalian satire.

Juvenalian satire is named after the Roman satirist Juvenal; of the three main types of classical satire — including Horatian (based on the Roman writer Horace) and and Menippean (based on the Greek writer Menippus) — Juvenalian is the harshest; the most targeted at institutions such as government; and the most insistent on social change. If you were absent, please get the notes from someone who was here.

We will begin introducing some argumentative “don’t”s on Thursday.

Adaptation: Today we were meant to start discussing the Leitch reading (Twelve Fallacies), but per your cards, I don’t think it would have gone very well. Instead, we defined a bunch of words, many of which are essential to fully understanding what Leitch was arguing throughout his paper.

Tip for the future: if you don’t understand what a word means in a work, and it keeps coming up… stop and look it up.

I did not collect your responses. If you think yours is inadequate or not thorough enough, you can redo it for Thursday. Thursday we WILL be talking about Leitch and these responses will be collected – my expectations for you are high at this point. Many of you need to work harder.

Siren: Our guest was Carrie Kennedy, the author of Panorama, and a former journalist herself. Then we worked on March stuff.

You turned in your workshop annotations. We’ll set up a schedule for workshop stuff on Thursday.


Publishing: Today I talked to half of you about how to register the printing press (that’s what all of that was called in whole – registration). We’ll continue this stuff on Thursday. If you want to work on yours sometime in the meantime, feel free.

Comedy: Today we talked about the Production Code of 1930.

In class, we started reading through the actual code (which you were supposed to read for today) and will continue to go through the justifications, probably tomorrow.

Middle School Lit Arts: 

Survey: CNF: Today you turned in your “theme-first” essays.

Then we talked about the four qualities that every place in the world has:

  1. A history (an actual history, and your own personal history with it)
  2. A geography
  3. Characters
  4. Language

I had you fill out a “planner” for your next essay, which will be a sense of place essay. More details Thursday.

I gave you the following handouts from Lee Gutkind: you-cant-make-this-stuff-up-handout Please read them for Thursday.


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