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Monday, March 6

March 6, 2017

Poetry Workshop: You got new packets. There are five comments due Wednesday (Smith, Duffy, Bowser, Kasper, Cianfarano). I also gave you two Sam Hazo poems that I may ask you some questions about, either Wednesday or Friday.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Henry and Joanie. Just one story was handed out today (Ash’s); Ian needs to reupload his and I will give it to you on Wednesday. These two stories will conclude Round 1. Please stay aware of your Round 2 due dates, which begin this Friday.

Remember: you have a flash fiction packet to read for Wednesday. There might be a quiz?

Family Values:  Today we watched the following Honeymooners episodes:

Notebook Header:
March 6, 2017:
The Honeymooners, Season 1, Episode 17: “The Babysitter.” Jan 21, 1956
The Honeymooners, season 1, Episode 24: “Please Leave the Premises.” March 10, 1956
Watch both episodes and then write a single response to the following question, drawing on what you saw today, but also including examples from other episodes, if you choose:

The Honeymooners depicts a relationship (between Ralph and Alice Cramden) that has been criticized by some modern-day commentators for glorifying domestic abuse — verbal and mental, if not physical. Defenders of the show point out that Alice “gives as good as she gets”; that Ralph loves Alice, despite his demeanor, and that it’s all done in the service of comedy.

What is your position on this question? Is it acceptable to joke about material like this? Was it acceptable at the time, but not in our enlightened age? Is comedy more important that political correctness?
Please read this article published in Time magazine for additional background:,33009,876203,00.html
Next, please do the following calculations, based on both of the episodes we watched today (and on our previous discussion about housing/finding an apartment):

1. You earn $30,004 a year. You spend 25 percent of your monthly income on rent. How much is your monthly rent?

2. However, you want a more expensive apartment, so in addition to your full-time job, you get a part-time babysitting job at $7.50 per hour. How many hours a week do you have to work babysitting to afford an apartment that rents for $650 a month, making sure that you are not spending more than 25 percent of your monthly income on housing?

3. Again, making sure you do not spend more than 25 percent of your monthly income on housing, what is the most expensive apartment you can afford if you work 25 hours a week babysitting?
4. If your babysitting client reports your payments, and you have to pay 15 percent of your babysitting income in federal income tax, how much income tax would you pay if you work an average of 18 hours a week for a year?
If you do not have time to finish these calculations in class, please complete them for homework for Wednesday. You may use calculators, but please don’t work together on this assignment.

BatCat: Today you made pins. We’ll probably need to do more of this, so if you’re up for coming up with more lines, please do so.

Comedy: Today we began watching The Great Dictator and will continue tomorrow. For special observations, try to draw connections (story, comedy, visual, and otherwise) to other political satires, such as Duck Soup, or any others that you may be personally familiar with. There will be a paper assignment at the end of this film.

Middle School LA: Your 4 sentence school description is due tomorrow. Don’t forget your rubric. The ideal paper will be typed and double-spaced. If you don’t type it, write it in pen–double-spaced. Read the October chapter from Sydney, Herself.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you officially handed in your silent screenplays (if you were absent, please plan to give it to me TOMORROW – I am trying to get these back to you by the end of the week) and we began watching Sunset Boulevard. The specific observations for your notes should be twofold: 1) again, pay attention to the visuals and take notes on striking/interesting/meaningful images and frame compositions, and 2) take notes on tension – the places where you feel it most, and why.

We will finish this on Wednesday; notes will be due Friday. If you want to catch up for Wednesday, we got to minute 28.

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