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Tuesday, March 7

March 7, 2017

Argument: Today we reviewed your responses to “Hold Your Horsepower.” We concluded that the argument was flawed because:

  • it only used a personal appeal, when clearly more hard evidence was needed, and
  • from that personal experience, a post hoc conclusion was reached. (Two, actually.)

Post hoc is a type of logical fallacy we will call a pseudoproof — that is, a support for an argument (or “proof”) that does not do what the user intends. These are things to avoid in your own arguments, and to look for carefully in the arguments of others.

I gave you a list of 12 common pseudoproofs. You are to use them to complete this practice sheet for Thursday. Argument Pseudoproof Practice 03-07-17


Today we talked briefly about the Grimm reading you were to do for today, then we went over the schedule for the next week:

3/9 – Film Viewing

3/14 – Film Viewing

3/16 – Film Viewing/Work Day

3/21 – Group Presentations (Assignment 2)

3/23 – Film Response Due/Film Discussion

3/28 – 3/30 – Shrek Week

3/31 (Friday) – Shrek at LP, 7:30 pm (tickets will be provided)

Here is the assignment sheet for Assignment 2: Adaptation 3.7.17 – Assignment 2, Fairy Tale Presentations. The groups are as follows:

  • Victoria/Sarah/Chip – Briar Rose
  • Joanie/Hannah/Nova/Olivia – Frog Prince
  • Alexa/Emmett/Haley – Cinderella
  • Bailey/Cassidy/Henry – Puss in Boots
  • Ash/Sam/Cierra – Little Red Cap


Siren: Journalism workshop. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Prompt: Reading for the week is about 1984 being performed by Prime Stage. Write a response.

Publishing: Foil testing. Interesting!

Comedy: Continued our screening of The Great Dictator. Remember that your “code violation” assignments are due tomorrow.

Survey: CNF: Today you interviewed a partner. We talked about the results.

For next Tuesday, the 14th, you are to turn in a transcript of the interview: your questions, and the other person’s answers, verbatim.

Remember: for Thursday, you are to turn in your sense of place essay, and have read “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold.”

Middle School Literary Arts: Four sentence school descriptions were turned in. For Monday, March 13th your essays on A Peripheral Person in My Life are due for editing. The final draft is due on Tuesday. The ideal essay will be typed, double-spaced. If you must handwrite, please use pen and skip lines.Do not forget your rubric. You need to bring it Monday and Tuesday. It is attached. Rubric Sydney Chapter 2-Peripheral

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