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Friday, March 10

March 13, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Cianfarano/Ohlund/quiz on Sam Hazo poems.

For Monday: Bocek and Hill. Round 4 poems due on the blog by 8 a.m. please.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Ian and Ash. Please have Ian and Greer (round 2) ready for Monday!

Family Values: Today we finished up our list of 10 key historical events from the 1950s. To recap:

  • The Korean War (1950-53) ends with no change (the border between communist North Korea and free South Korea remains at the 38th parallel), thanks to Chinese involvement.
  • The rise of Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare (1950-54) end when TV helps do McCarthy in, during his performance at hearings with the Secretary of the Army.
  • Catcher in the Rye published (1951), inventing, some would say, the literary teenager.
  • “Rocket 88,” the first rock ‘n’ roll record, released (1951) by Ike Turner, as Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower elected president (1952-1960), following his heroism as a general during WWII. “”I Like Ike” is his slogan, and he oversees a period of economic growth and relative domestic stability.
  • Fredric Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent/Congressional hearings for comic books (1954) play on fears of juvenile delinquency and prompt the creation of the Comics Code Authority.
  • Brown v. Board of Education overturns “separate but equal” (1954)/Eisenhower sends federal troops to integrate Central High School in Little Rock (1957)/Cooper v. Aaron strikes down integration delay in Little Rock and establishes the U.S. Supreme Court as the “law of the land” and supreme interpreter of the Constitution
  • The first American killed in Vietnam (1956) is Air Force Sgt. Richard B. Fitzgibbon, Jr., who is murdered by a fellow serviceman.
  • Sputnik l goes into orbit around the Earth (1957), striking a blow to the American psyche, and kicking off the Space Race in earnest.
  • Two medical developments: a study suggests that cigarette tar causes tumors in lab mice, something the tobacco industry contests in 1954 newspaper ads across the country, and tests to develop a birth control pill take place in Puerto Rico occur in the mid-’50s, leaving some participants sterile. (The pill will get FDA approval as a contraceptive in 1960.)

Then we watched “The Rivals,” the debut episode of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, from October 1952.

You made notes on general impressions, but clearly there is one huge difference here from what we’ve seen so far.

BatCat: Continued design matters.

Comedy: Today we heard your Hays Code rewrites (or, if you took the other option, your ideal audience for your comedy of choice). Then we watched Arrested Development, Season 1, Episode 13, “Beef Consomme.” (Consomme is a kind of clear soup made from “clarified” stock, in case you were wondering. Here’s a recipe if you decide you want to make some.)

On Monday we will show our first color film (at least in this class): 1953’s The Band Wagon.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we had a very small class, so we made some pins. See you Monday!

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