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Thursday, March 16

March 16, 2017

Argument: Today you turned in your homework responses to “Dear Mom,” and we discussed the principles of Rogerian argument. Named for psychotherapist Carl Rogers (though developed by others), it is a different model of argument than the Aristotlean/Toulmin model. The intent is to dial back tension (especially in long-running arguments) and reach some common ground.

The principles are pretty simple:

  1. You restate your opponent’s position, to insure that you understand it, and that they have been heard.
  2. You acknowledge the conditions under which your opponents’ position might be right.
  3. You demonstrate how, under the current conditions, that YOUR position is actually the correct one.
  4. You show that, by adopting your position, your opponent can get all (or at least some) of what they want, because you both really want similar things.

You then wrote a Rogerian response to an “argument” of mine.

For Tuesday: Please have read “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” Remember that I expect you to know at least a little about the historical context of this argument, and I also want you to be mindful of the Rogerian elements in it (because there are some).

Adaptation: Today we finished Into the Woods. The response (Adaptation 3.14.17 – Response 5, Into the Woods 1) is due next Thursday, March 23 (typed, etc. as usual).

Your presentations are due on Tuesday.

Siren: March/April stuff.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Continued to work on setting for haiku book.

Comedy: Today we went back to our timeline, and picked up where we left off – roughly 1948, when the studio system was dealt a major blow. We discussed what “aspect ratio” is and then went on to talk about some of the big names in widescreen (namely, Cinerama, CinemaScope and [briefly] Panavision). Here are the clips we watched in class:

Survey: CNF: You made lists of questions for Mr. Goodman. We’ll order these on Tuesday and assign questions to different individuals.

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