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Tuesday, March 21

March 21, 2017

Argument: Took a quiz on “Letter.”

Then I gave you a handout — a chapter from Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath, concerning the Birmingham campaign. Please read it for Thursday.

Please also watch the last 10 minutes of this excerpt from the Eyes on the Prize documentary:

Both the handout and the documentary are necessary to give this essay some context, which I will expect you to have when we start class on Thursday.

FYI: It’s way too early to be worrying about yet, but the plan looks like your finals will be due on Tuesday, May 9, and that we will begin the final presentations over four class periods: May 11, 13, 18 and 20. More on this soon.

Adaptation: Today you presented your group projects on fairy tale adaptations, and then we (quickly) went over the guidelines for the upcoming Shakespeare project which (hopefully) you’ve already started researching. If you haven’t… you know. Here’s the sheet that was handed out: Adaptation 3.21.17 – Final Project Guidelines.

For Thursday: your first Into the Woods response is due (see previous blog posts for that handout) and you also need to read “The Struggle for Meaning,” which was handed out several weeks ago.

Siren: March and April stuff, all at once. Remember the April Fool’s cover shoot Thursday!

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Continued to work on the haiku project. Printing on Thursday, I think.

Comedy: Continued to watch It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. We have about 50 minutes left, if you’re trying to catch up. We’ll finish this tomorrow.

Middle School Lit Arts: 

Survey: CNF: Winnowed down our list of questions for Mr. Goodman from 115 to 30ish. We ordered them, and assigned three (plus follow-ups) to everyone. Here is the list:

Questions for Todd Goodman

I gave out two handouts: “Intimate Details,” a chapter from Lee Gutkind’s You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, and “Immersion,” from Gutkind’s magazine, Creative Nonfiction. Please be sure you have read them, and keep them in mind as we prepare to do interviews.

Our group interview with Mr. Goodman will take place on Thursday. If you’re absent, you will lose a great opportunity to see and hear your subject. So don’t be absent.

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