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Thursday, March 30

March 30, 2017

Argument: Practiced pseudoproofing for fun and (extra) credit. Reviewed the stuff that is gonna be on Tuesday’s Exam #2:

  1. Pseudoproofs (both standalone, like the ones you did today, and in the context of a full — written — argument)
  2. Rogerian argument (What are the four parts? For whom is it named? Who developed it? In what situations does it work best? Etc.)
  3. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (What is the primary claim and the other major claims? What appeals are used and why? What is the historical context? Etc.)

Shrek Class: Watched Shrek. Also going to see Shrek tomorrow.

Siren: Workin’.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Still working on the haiku book. Baby steps.

Comedy: Today you got a new writing assignment, the details of which can be found here: Comedy 3.30.17 – Assignment 2, Group Sketch.

Survey: CNF: Today I collected your opinion essay moments. We discussed the ways in which “Dumb Kids’ Class” breaks some of the rules we’ve established (it neither begins nor ends with a moment; it states its theme fairly directly), and the importance of humor (especially at the end of grafs).

The opinion essay is due next Thursday. No formatting restrictions.

We made plans to attend Mr. Goodman’s orchestra class Block 1 on Tuesday. Please stay in the dining hall that morning, following the 8:37 bell: we will go up together so that we’re in his class, in the orchestra room, before 8:45 (he hates it when people are late). My advice: bring something to write with (I think recording is going to be a sketchy idea) and pay close attention.

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