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Tuesday, April 4

April 4, 2017

Argument: Test #2.

Adaptation: Today I gave you a copy of Shrek! by William Steig and we ended up reading it aloud in class. It was… interesting. And it was interesting, if you think about the progression from book to film to stage – keep this in mind for Thursday, when I’ll give you the guidelines from Response 7. We also briefly talked about the distinguishing features/abilities/requirements of film and stage musicals. Here’s the board:


For this Thursday, however, you need to complete Response 6. As we discussed in class, this response will be worth more than previous responses and I’m expecting more of many of you – there are LOTS of things that you could talk about and consider for this response, so a meager half page or so is not going to representative of your best efforts. If you want to know what you can do better and don’t already know, feel free to talk to me about it. Here are the guidelines, again: Adaptation 3.28.17 – Response 6, Intertextuality in Into the Woods and Shrek.

ANYWAY, for Response 6, consider what we talked about in the latter half of class today, as we broke down intertextuality into three broad categories. Here are the notes: Adaptation 3.28.17 – Intertexutuality Category Notes. As your write your response, take a closer look at the observations you make and try to categorize them accordingly.

Siren: April/March/April stuff.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Continued working on the haiku book and also worked on some Swamp Frank issues.

Comedy: Today we began The Producers. We will finish it tomorrow, and collect your notebooks once again. Your sketches are also due tomorrow, at the beginning of class!

Middle School Lit Arts: 

Survey: CNF: Gave out the Mr. Goodman transcripts, which you can download here: questions-for-todd-goodman

We talked about your observations from his class this morning, and then you took the transcript to:

  1. Identify the five best quotes, in your opinion.
  2. Identify a quote that related to something we saw this morning.
  3. Start identifying a theme.

Bring these transcripts back on Thursday — you’re gonna need ’em!

Also: Opinion pieces are due Thursday.

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