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Tuesday, April 18

April 18, 2017

Argument: Quiz on Common Sense. More on that Thursday.

We discussed the sparring from the week before last. Then I gave out the guidelines for the final argument, which is due May 11: argument-final-argument-guidelines-2017

Please note: the tests are in Powerschool, although I haven’t handed them back. (One person needs to take it, still.) There were only a couple of As, but the extra credit bumped some folks into that level.

Adaptation: Today we briefly discussed the response that was due today (Shrek^3) along with talking about approaches to the argument for your final project/presentations, which are due in May. Please stay aware of your due date – if you are absent or don’t present on your given date, it will not look good for your grade.

Here is the handout from today: Adaptation 4.18.17 – Final Project Argument Dev

And here is the website from which the other handout was taken:

The Zipes reading is essentially optional for Thursday; if you choose not to read it, at least think about Disney and fairy tales (and Shrek) for class, as we will kind of be wrapping up this whole “unit.” I will also be checking in with you each individually on Thursday regarding the Shakespeare stuff, so if you have questions or need help, this is the time.

Siren: March/April/March stuff, again.

On Thursday, please be prepared (that means with written questions which I can see beforehand) for a group interview with Mr. Poling about the new law program.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Continued working on the haiku book. Just a reminder: please, please, please be careful when you’re putting your type back into the cases. I set something this morning and pulled out way too many wrong letters – if we continue being inaccurate like this, the cases will be an ungodly mess by the end of the year (and you do not want to know what fixing that problem looks like).  

Comedy: Began watching Take the Money and Run.

Middle School Lit Arts: 

Survey: CNF: Collected your biographical sketches. I’ll try to have them back to you next week with comments for revision.

We took a quiz on “How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone,” and I gave you two more “how-to” essays that appeared in pulp. a couple of years ago.

Then we brainstormed this list of “how-to” essay topics.

IMG_20170418_144833869[1]Your job is to pick one and write a “how-to” essay, which is due next Tuesday. Remember: “how-to” essays are often not about what the topic says directly (although they can be), but about something else instead. Consider this when you’re choosing your topic.

If you need more suggestions, here is last year’s list: How to list Survey CNF May 2016

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