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Wednesday, April 19

April 19, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Began R7 with McDanel and Duffy. We didn’t finish Smith; that will be where we start Friday, and we’ll follow that with Erb-White and Hill, at least.

Please do the remaining two poems in your packet — Bett and Koscinski — and the new poem (Hamilton) that I gave you, for Friday.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Hannah. For Friday: Faith and Layla.

In class we discussed our upcoming Rounds 4 & 5. Here’s the handout: Fiction 4.19.17 – Round 4 and 5 Guidelines.

The prompt for Round 4 is this: you each got a card with a conflict or a goal – use this to inform the story you tell. Also, EVERYONE must title their piece “Mr. Mossback.” That does not necessarily mean one of your characters must be called Mr. Mossback… it just means that it’s the title. And it should be appropriate for the piece. Somehow.

Questions? See me. We will be setting these due dates on Friday, so unless you want to be at the front of the pack, plan to be in class. 🙂 The first due date is next Friday (4/28).

Family Values: Today we discussed second-wave feminism as a lead-in to the first episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a game-changer in a lot of ways (many of which we discussed). This was one of the Big Three shows of the early 1970s; the second, we’ll be watching Friday.

BatCat: We do what we can.

Comedy: Finished Take the Money and Run and began discussing the “layers” of it, using the three terms we introduced this week: parody/critique/deconstruction. We also talked a while about present-day poetry, which was weird, but enjoyable.

I gave you a handout — a chapter from a book about mockumentaries called Faking It. No due date yet for when to have it read — we’ll be watching two other mockumentaries — but keep it close.

Middle School Literary Arts Enrichment: Today we took a quiz on Twelfth Night. Then we did a quasi “dramatic reading” of it in the orchestra room, to (hopefully) make clearer who the characters are, and how disguise works in this play. Thanks to all who read; we’ll pick things up next week with more about Shakespeare and why he did what he did here.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today was a work day.

IMPORTANT! The current assignment (Screenwriting 4.17.17 – Story Dev. Part 3, Categories) is now due on MONDAY. Friday will be another work day. We are pushing the logline sharing to next week as well. Everyone seems to have been working hard but needs the extra time, so that’s why this is happening.

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