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Thursday, April 20

April 20, 2017

Argument: Some brief backstory about the American Revolution/Common Sense. In short, the revolution came about in large part

  • because of the bills the British ran up during the French and Indian War,
  • which was fought in part because settlers kept pushing west and stirring up trouble among the natives,
  • despite British insistence that they stop doing so (Fort Pitt, which replaced Fort Duquesne, is an example of how the British had to establish outposts farther and farther west to protect these people).
  • And when the time came to contribute manpower and funds towards this effort,
  • the colonies largely said, “Thanks, but no thanks,”
  • which led the British to impose a series of new taxes,
  • which led the colonies to complain, not unreasonably, about “taxation without representation,”
  • which was something Benjamin Franklin had spent years in London trying to convince the British that we should have (if they’d given us a couple of seats in the House of Commons, how much would history have been different?),
  • but we ended up with a revolution instead,
  • and that was in large part due to Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense, which was published in 1776 and sold 75,000 copies. That might not sound like a lot (the 300,000 figure some people quote is almost certainly inaccurate), but it still represents 3 percent of the colonial population at that time,
  • which, if we put that in current terms, would mean sales of just under 10 million. (Remember, the very best-selling books these days are frequently less than 2 million.)

But all that was just warmup for The. Most. Valuable. Englishman. EV-AH!!

…which is certainly one of the most valuable documentaries. EV-AH!!

Adaptation: Today we had a bit of a conversation about Disney, and about the transition of fairy tales from the oral tradition, to publication, to film. Here is a picture of the board:


Please read “Adaptation as Creative Destruction” for Tuesday – there will be a quiz. And keep thinking about Disney – I don’t think we’re quite done with this conversation.

If any of you need help location a film/show/book for your Shakespeare presentation, give me a list ASAP. If you need help finding a film, please provide me the title, year, and director. No promises, but I’ll try.

Siren: Interview with Mr. Poling. You turned your stories around on deadline. Nice job (I hope)!

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Finished the haiku books, more or less. Even though this has taken a long time, I’m really quite proud of you guys for working together and problem-solving to get this little thing together. Good job. So much of putting a book

Comedy: Today you got a new sketch assignment (Comedy 4.20.17 – Assignment 3, Parody Sketch). You’ll have some time tomorrow to work. Your sketch or song is due Monday!!

Survey: CNF: You got with a partner and answered some ethical questions for extra credit. For a quiz next week (probably Thursday), remember all this libel-realted stuff, plus the rules about

  • omission and addition
  • compression
  • composite characters
  • recreating dialogue
  • recreating thoughts
  • BOTS
  • the dos and don’t of interviewing, and
  • the suffering of Mike Daisey!


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