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Monday, April 24

April 24, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Bett, Hamilton, Bocek.

  • Wednesday: Hulick, Cianfarano and Ohlund are due.
  • Friday: Bullock and Kennedy (which I gave out copies of today) are due. So is your Round 8 poem.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Becca and Victoria. The last two pieces of Round 3 were handed out (Bailey and Ian) and as a class, you decided that we’ll do them both on Friday. That means that we will do an in-class activity on Wednesday and you’ll likely also have half of the block to work as well.

Please stay aware of your due dates for Rounds 4 & 5. Here they are:

Round 4 & 5:

  • Friday, April 28: Victoria (4), Spencer (5)
  • Monday, May 1: Greer (4), Ash (5)
  • Wednesday, May 3: Cassidy (4), Henry (5)
  • Friday, May 5: Cecil (4), Ian (5)
  • Monday, May 8: Faith (4), Becca (5)
  • Wednesday, May 10: Hannah (4), Bailey (5)
  • Friday, May 12: Joanie (4), Hannah (5)
  • Monday, May 15: Ian (4), Greer (5)
  • Wednesday, May 17: Bailey (4), Cecil (5)
  • Friday, May 19: Ash (4), Cassidy (5)
  • Monday, May 22: Henry (4), Faith (5)
  • Wednesday, May 24: Becca (4), Victoria (5)
  • Friday, May 26: Layla (4), Joanie (5)
  • Wednesday, May 31: Spencer (4), Layla (5)

Reminder 1: Your workshop date (the day we’ll discuss the piece in class) will be the next class meeting after your piece is due. So if you hand in on Monday, your workshop date is Wednesday. Etc.

Reminder 2: Yes, some of you have Round 5 due before Round 4. That’s normal.

Family Values: Today we watched two episodes of All in the Family:

  • “Judging Books By Covers,” S1 Ep5, Feb. 9, 1971. (Notable historically for a reason that I’m sure is pretty obvious.)
  • “Gloria Discovers Women’s Lib,” S1 Ep11, March 23, 1971.

Remember that for each episode, you are recording your thoughts about which character you most relate to, and why. These observations will be turned into a short response paper that will be due on Monday.

BatCat: :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Comedy: Ran your sketches/parody songs. Thanks to all who participated!

Middle School Lit Arts: 

Survey: Screenwriting: 

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