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Thursday, April 27

April 27, 2017

Argument: We had our second sparring session. I have to say that the results were kinda lackluster. We will get into more of the whats and whys next Thursday. (Remember, Jim Daniels will be here Tuesday, so if you’re in Poetry Workshop, you’re with us that day.)

For homework, I want everyone to read the pieces found at the following links, and then evaluate your group’s performance (in a one-page response) in light of this information, which I expect you will also cite. This reflection will be due Thursday, May 4.

(Hint: I expect you to know what a “last dollar” grant is: this is a term important to this debate, which never surfaced in our sparring.)

Adaptation: Today we did an in-class activity, adapting “Mary Had A Little Lamb” into a variety of different forms.

Siren: May stuff.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Worked on Swamp Frank!

Comedy: Today we finished watching Young Frankenstein. A response assignment was handed out (Comedy 4.27.17 – Response, How Far Is Too Far) and is due on Monday.

Survey: CNF: Shortened class because of the assembly. We took an ethics quiz. I passed around a signup sheet for the what if? essays, which are due May 11.

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