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Monday, May 1

May 1, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Kennedy, concluding Round 7.

I gave out the first part of the Round 8 packets:

Kasper, Kennedy, McDanel and Bullock are due for Tuesday, when Jim Daniels will be here.

Hulick and Smith are due Wednesday, when I’ll give out the rest of the R8 poems.

Fiction Workshop: Workshopped Victoria and Spencer. Two new pieces were handed out for WEDNESDAY. Stay aware of your due dates!

Family Values: Today we finished watching the AITF spin-off show The Jeffersons, from Jan. 18, 1975:

Then we watched an episode of Sanford and Son from season 2, in 1972: “Lamont Goes African,” as well as a clip from a Season 3, “Fred Sanford, Legal Eagle.” (See me if you missed this.)

There’s a lot to unpack here re: depictions of race on TV, but we’ll try to tackle some of that Wednesday.

BatCat: Progress! Hooray! (Not being sarcastic! [Really!])

Comedy: Discussed your “How Far is Too Far” papers. Watched the beginning of the first episode of Saturday Night Live, from Oct. 11, 1975. This show is important because so many SNL alums went on to star in comedy films of their own — some of them, like a movie we’ll see next week, direct spin-offs from the show.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you handed in Part 5 of the development project, and then we did an in-class activity – you wrote a short bio for your protagonist, which I read out loud and then we briefly discussed.

For Wednesday: READ! Read Chapter 3 from Save the Cat (“It’s about a guy who…) AND read the last 5 or so pages of the packet (excerpts from the “Character” section of Your Screenplay Sucks). We will be discussing this on Wednesday – and there will be a quiz.

I would like to mention that I’m just not making you read this stuff for the heck of it – though you’ve done a lot of work to get to the story that you’re not working with, the finish line is still quite far away. As you read, keep your own character in mind.

It is VERY likely that you’ll need to do some major revision of your character, or at least a lot more development. You might even need to scrap your character entirely! This stuff is not locked in stone, and it is definitely not as good as it needs to be for the upcoming pitches. So USE this stuff to make your character and your story better!

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