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Wednesday, May 3

May 3, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Bullock and Hulick.

I gave out the new packets with the rest of the Round Eight poems.

For Friday: Bocek/Bowser/Bett.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Greer and Ash. For Friday: Cassidy (Round 4) and Henry (Round 5).

Please remember your headers and word counts, where appropriate.

Family Values: I gave you a list of 10 significant events from the 1970s — historically and culturally — and we discussed them briefly.


We watched part of the first episode of One Day at a Time, a sitcom (also a Norman Lear production) that broke the boundary on female divorcees as protagonists. It also crossed a couple of other barriers, which we’ll discuss Friday when we finish this.

Also Friday: we’ll prepare for a notebook check and test Monday.

BatCat: Nice job today. Things are moving along quickly, which is really great. Keep it up!

Comedy: We watched The Rutles, a 1978 mockumentary that was something of a Monty Python/Saturday Night Live teamup. I had you look for elements of deconstruction — the third tier on our list:

  1. Parody is when we imitate without comment, which legitimizes the original that is being imitated.
  2. Critique is when we imitate with comment, which calls into question the original that is being imitated.
  3. Deconstruction is when we imitate but alter the form (in this case, the documentary), which calls into question the form itself.

Middle School Lit Arts: Today we:

  1. Turned in/heard your responses to our five Shakespeare questions.
  2. Rewrote, in groups, Shakespeare’s sonnets 18 and 130. They’re not exactly conventional love poems, are they?
  3. Got a new assignment for your alter egos, which you turned in today. For next week, you are to write a scene — not a story — that involves you becoming your alter ego. That makes it fiction, obviously.  Let’s say a page or so for this scene — remember that a scene should still involve some sort of conflict, which presumably will spark the appearance of your alter ego.

Also remember: if you plan to read at the Middle School Showcase, you must give me what you plan to read next Wednesday. Please, no emails.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you took a quiz on the reading assignment for today, and then we briefly discussed the answers. The rest of the time was yours to work on a new assignment, which can be found here: Screenwriting 5.3.17 – Story Dev Part 6, Character.

Due Friday! See you then.

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