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Thursday, May 4

May 4, 2017

Argument: We went over why last Thursday was the way it was. I collected your assignments and we talked, with an assist from Mr. Poling. If I had to sum it all up:

    Speak clearly and coherently.
    None of this:

Next Tuesday there will be a quiz on Common Sense. Pretty much everything you need is on the blog from last Tuesday. No surprises — what was the structure of the argument, the historical context, etc. I might toss in a point or two from the documentary.

Your final arguments are due a week from now. We reviewed the guidelines. Here they are if you need them: argument-final-argument-guidelines-2017

Adaptation: Emmett and Ash presented today. Nova and Haley are up on Tuesday. The rest of you should keep close track of your due dates.

Quick reminder: I mentioned this in passing once, but in case you were wondering – if you give an assignment after your presentation, you have to grade it.

If you have questions or concerns, let me know.

Siren: Distribution (at long last) of the Spring issue, which is one you all should be proud of.

Interviews for next year’s editorial jobs. I hope to announce the new staff next Monday.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Continued work from yesterday. Thank you for your dedication.

Comedy: Finished The Rutles. The rest of the time was yours to work on your current assignment (see Tuesday’s post for the assignment sheet). These are due next Thursday!

Survey: CNF: I gave back the biographical sketches, which were good overall.

We read “The Harvey Pekar Name Essay,” which is a hybrid essay about names. We talked about your own name experiences, and you wrote a moment about one.

You are going to write a “name” essay, which can also (but does not have to be) a hybrid essay. (It DOES have to be, at least in part, about your name.) If it’s a hybrid essay — which could involve illustrations, video, sculpture, you name it — it still has to have the essay part. There needs to be some sort of recognizable focus and theme.

I gave you a new hybrid essay, “Megabrain,” which I want you to read for next week. Remember: next Tuesday is a work day for screenwriting.

There are two due dates: May 18 and May 23. You choose which date you want to turn in which assignment: the Goodman revision, and the name essay. You can, of course, turn them both in on the 18th. But if you turn them both in on the 23rd, one of them will be late.

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