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Wednesday, May 17

May 17, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Bocek/Erb-White/Duffy. For Friday: three more (Smith/Bowser/Bett).

Fiction Workshop: Today was a work day. We will be workshopping four pieces on Friday – see last Friday’s post for the order.

Family Values: Married…With Children. Some words on Fox, the difference between VHF and UHF, and the birth of cable television, which allowed a much younger version of me to watch this movie on HBO many, many times until my parents wised up:

Image result

Make sure you read the handout about Eighties sitcoms!

BatCat: Working! If you were planning to stay tomorrow, please stay tuned – I’m not sure if Mr. LeRoy will be able to stay or not. I will tell you in the morning.

Comedy: Back to School.

Image result

Middle School Lit Arts: Seventh graders only. Individual meetings and a trip outside.

Survey: Screenwriting: Pitches! Overall, I think this went fairly well. We’ll talk about it either on Friday or Monday.

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