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Monday, May 22

May 22, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Today: Bett, Bowser, Kennedy.

For Wednesday: Kasper and Bullock. Consult Friday’s blog post for the bigger-picture schedule.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Bailey, Greer, and Cecil.

We are doing a little condensing in order to end the round at the scheduled time. All of your remaining due date stay the same! Here are the WORKSHOP dates:

Friday, May 26: Ash (Round 4), Cassidy (Round 5), Henry (Round 4), Faith (Round 5)

Wednesday, May 31: Becca (Round 4), Victoria (Round 5)

Friday, June 2: Layla (both Rounds 4 and 5), Spencer (Round 4), Joanie (Round 5)

Remember that the poetry workshop is going to do an adaptation round using your pieces – make sure that you communicate with the person that was assigned to you!

Also please remember what we talked about at the end of class today: we are near the finish line. Let’s end this semester strong, which means most of you need to put a little more effort into not only your annotations and online comments, but also how you act and participate in class. Stay involved, mentally and otherwise.

Family Values: Today I gave back Test #3. We discussed 10 important moments in 1980s history, for your notebooks, and it took longer than expected…but when has it not?

BatCat: The finish line is definitely in sight – we are about 25% finished with P (in terms of gluing in; we still need to do a final check and number), and we are about 95% done with SF (we just need to add stickers, final check, and number).

I’m working on compiling the script for the release – I will get it to those your presenting ASAP.

Comedy: Began Liar, Liar, a premise film and “family” comedy from the Nineties. Was it really? That is the questions for your notebooks.

Schedule for this week:

Tomorrow: finish the film

Wednesday and Thursday: time to work on your final projects.

Friday: TBD.

Middle School Lit Arts: 

Survey: Screenwriting: Today I gave back the feedback sheets from last week’s pitch presentation. We talked a bit about it. Two words: learning experience.

Your next (and final group assignment) is to write a treatment for your story. Here’s the assignment sheet: Screenwriting 5.22.17 – Story Dev Proj Part 10, Treatment. This is due Friday. You will have Wednesday to work in class.

On Wednesday, we’ll also briefly discuss how we’re going to wrap up the semester.

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