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Tuesday, May 23

May 23, 2017

Argument: Final presentations: Hulick, Bett, Denny, Cianfarano.

Adaptation: Today we had presentations from Cierra and Chip. Presentations continue on Thursday.

Siren: Folding and stapling of the May edition.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Prepped for LAVA. Thank you for your contributions!

Comedy: Finished Liar, Liar.

Middle School Lit Arts: 

Survey: CNF: Turned in your Goodman or name essays.

We read Alan Olifon’s “Emasculation in a Jiffy,” and talked about Lee Gutkind’s idea of the universal chord: the midpoint between public and private moment. Put another way, it’s the way a reader connects with your essay.

In “Emasculation in a Jiffy,” the author talks about how he can’t change the oil in his own car, and it makes him feel dumb. Most of you probably don’t worry about car oil changes yet — but there ARE probably things you know you ought to know, or do, that you don’t, or can’t. (We talked about some.) That’s the universal chord of this essay — the similar experience that most, or all of us have had.

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