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Wednesday, May 24

May 24, 2017

Poetry Workshop: R9: Hamilton, Kasper, Bullock.

Fiction Workshop: Today was a work day. Kind of. For some of you. Four pieces are due Friday (see Monday’s post).

Family Values: The Simpsons, S1, Ep1, Dec. 17, 1989: “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.”

We talked about this unbelievably successful prime-time cartoon, which helped put FOX on the map for good, and traced some of its lineage:

  1. Homer is clearly an amalgamation of blue-collar TV dads like Ralph Kramden, Fred Flinstone and Archie Bunker — though he’s much dumber and better-natured.
  2. Marge is, in the words of Mr. Aloi, a combination of Alice Kramden and Edith Bunker, and I think that just about nails it: she is a long-suffering housewife whose love for her husband is the glue that holds her family together.
  3. And Springfield is the natural successor to Mayberry: a fictional small town filled with unforgettable characters.

BatCat: Good work today – we have about 50 Parakeets let to glue in, and that will be it!

Comedy: Work day. Your films are due next Thursday.

Middle School Lit Arts: We rehearsed for the Middle School Showcase in the Orchestra Room, and got (and gave) some public speaking pointers.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today was a work day for your treatments, which are due on Friday. We also discussed what is going on next week: you have a choice to make, and I need to know your decision by Friday. Here’s the sheet that was handed out: Screenwriting 5.24 – Final Options and the review list: Screenwriting 5.24.17 – Review List.

Think about this carefully! See you Friday.

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