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Tuesday, May 30

May 30, 2017

Argument: Final presentations: Coe, LeRoy, Starr.

Final Thursday. Everyone received the packet last week, so you should be good to go. Ask Miss Bett for her study guide!

Adaptation: Today we had a presentation from Joanie. Cassidy will be presenting on Thursday.

Despite this eleventh-hour disturbance to the presentation schedule, we can still have a “party” on Thursday. You can bring food, but it must (defensibly) be some kind of adaptation – and you will be asked to write about it. Briefly. Maybe there will be extra credit involved? Maybe? You won’t know unless you try.



See you Thursday.

Siren: Finishing up stuff. The June issue should be ready to go by week’s end.

Daily Prompt: 

Publishing: Today we had a discussion about next year. Thank you for your thoughts, suggestions and requests. If you think of anything else, please do bring it to my attention.

Comedy: Gave out copies of this recent interview with Christopher Guest.

Watched this pre-mockumentary clip of Guest (and his future co-star Harry Shearer, plus Martin Short) from SNL, 1984:

(You can see the similarities between the narrator-less approach and modern mockumentary-style films and TV, like The Office.)

Began watching Best in Show.

Your final projects are due Thursday. Final assessment will be Friday, when your notebooks will also be due.

Middle School Lit Arts: If you are reading in the showcase, you MUST bring in a (clean) typewritten copy of your piece(s) tomorrow. That is a graded assignment.

If you are NOT reading in the showcase, but would like your work displayed in the atrium at the showcase, then tomorrow, please bring in a typewritten copy of a piece you believe is your best work from this year. Keep it on the short side. This is optional.

Survey: CNF: I gave back your how-to essays, which were really good, and we heard a few.

You turned in your emasculation/pet essays.

We reviewed for the final Thursday.

That is all.

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