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Wednesday, May 31

May 31, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Round 10. I’m really glad we did this!

For Friday: Senior revisions: Bullock, Bowser, Ohlund, Kasper. I gave out packets; see me if you didn’t receive one.

Remember: no comments on the blog for the revision round! Just use the forms I gave you in the packets.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Becca, Layla, Joanie, and Victoria. There are two pieces for Friday (Spencer and Layla), and that will conclude the semester.

Family Values: Today we watched two of the most popular sitcoms of the Nineties: Will and Grace (S1, Ep1, Sept. 21, 1998, “Love and Marriage”) and and Everybody Loves Raymond (S.9, Ep. 6, Nov. 15, 2004, “Boys’ Therapy”).

Obviously one of these is a friend family and the other is a traditional (and extended one).

Here’s what should be in your notebook for Friday’s final check:

May 10: Four types of families

May 12: “Family Hour”/The Cosby Show/Family Ties (NO ENTRY REQUIRED)

May 15: The Golden Girls (S1, Ep 1, 1985)/Full House (S1, Ep 1, 1987)/Statistics and info on aging Americans + the growth of Florida as a retirement spot.

May 17: Married…With Children (S1, Ep 1)/VHF vs. UHF and cable

May 19: Roseanne (S6, Ep4, 1993) /Blue-collar comedy.

May 22: 1980s history.

May 24: The Simpsons (S1, Ep 1, 1989)/Homer and Marge comparisons

May 26: Seinfeld (S4, Ep 17, 1993)/Friends (S1, Ep1, 1994)/Demographics stats on single-parent homes and cable households

and then, of course, today.

Remember that handout on Eighties sitcoms! It will be a big part of Friday’s test!

BatCat: Wrapping up things.

Comedy: Finished Best in Show. Here’s what should be in your notebook for the final notebook check Friday (prior to our final test, on all this material):

April 17: Parody/critique/deconstruction notes

April 18-19: Take the Money and Run response

April 21: Arrested Development S2 Ep4 response

April 25: Mel Brooks documentary (NO RESPONSE REQUIRED)

April 26: Mel Brooks clips from Blazing Saddles

April 27: Young Frankenstein response

April 28: Arrested Development S2 Ep 5-7 responses

May 2: Monty Python clips (NO RESPONSE REQUIRED)

May 3-4: The Rutles response: examples of parody/deconstruction/deconstruction

May 8-9: The Blues Brothers response (spectacle/drug use on film sets)

May 15-16: Ferris Bueller response/John Hughes

May 17-18: Back to School response (fish-out-of-water scripts/premise comedy)

May 22-23: Liar, Liar response (premise comedy II)

May 30-31: Best in Show response/Christopher Guest

Obviously, since most of these films occurred over multiple days, the most important thing is that you have a complete response — Header (title/year/director/actors); observations/notes from your viewing; a brief summary of the film; personal response. (That goes for the Arrested Development episodes too.)

Regarding the test, you need to be acquainted with the films, the chronology, the elements of parody, critique and deconstruction (obviously). You need to know only a few names: Mel Brooks, John Hughes, Christopher Guest.

And even though it’s not part of the notes, add The Producers to your list of films for the test.

Middle School Lit Arts: Rehearsal for the showcase.

I gave back your “I Remember” poem cards, which you started a ways back. I also gave you an optional final assignment, which I strongly encourage you to do, as it could be the difference between passing and failing (or between grades generally) for quite a few of you.

The assignment is that you must continue/complete your “I remember” poems for next Monday. You can receive up to 15 points for this assignment.

The criteria are:

  • It must be typewritten.
  • Each stanza must begin with “I remember…”
  • Each stanza must include an image. We talked some fair amount this year about images, and the difference between images and abstractions. I’m counting on you to know the difference.
  • There must be a MINIMUM of eight stanzas, and a MAXIMUM of 12.
  • I will collect these at the beginning of the block. NO EMAILED ASSIGNMENTS ACCEPTED.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today: those of you who opted to take the test took the test. Everyone had a peer evaluation form to fill out for the development project (Screenwriting 5.31.17 – Dev Proj Peer Review). The rest of the time was a workday.

Reminder to those writing final screenplays: PRINT AHEAD OF TIME. PRINT THE RIGHT NUMBER OF COPIES (one per speaking role, plus one for the exposition). If you don’t do this, it will be considered late – and that’s 20% right off the top. This is not a drill – this will actually happen if you are printing after the beginning of class (which, if anyone needs that to be defined, is whenever I come into the room after the bell rings – generally, that’s about 1:50).

You have been warned!

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