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Friday, June 2

June 2, 2017

Poetry Workshop: Revision round for seniors: Kasper, Ohlund, Bullock.

Here is how we’re doing it for Monday. Pay close attention:

Everyone (including seniors) will do a response to Miss Cianfarano’s revision. Download it here: Cianfarano revision round You will do this response on the blog — your last official act on this workshop blog. Post your comment by 8:45 a.m. Monday. Follow the same template we’ve been using for your comment: additions/subtractions/questions + suggestions.

These people are responsible for the following revisions:

Bett, Bocek, Duffy and Erb-White

will do responses to this packet (Koscinski, McDanel, Smith). Download it here: Koscinski McDanel Smith revisions; originals are first, followed by revisions.

Hamilton, Hill, Hulick and Kennedy

will do responses to this packet (Bett, Duffy, Erb-White). Download it here: Bett Duffy Erb-White revisions; originals are first, followed by revisions.

Koscinski, McDanel and Smith

will do responses to this packet (Hamilton, Hulick, Kennedy). Download it here: Hamilton Hulick Kennedy revisions; originals are first, followed by revisions.

Here is the official comment form to use: Poetry Workshop revision round comment form (If you just want to do this on your own paper, that’s fine, but stick to the same format, please.)

Remember that annotations are not required, so technically, you don’t have to print anything out.

We’ll get through as many revisions as we can Monday, and we may go long. I’d love to finish the workshop Monday; we’ll see if that’s feasible.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Spencer and Layla. And that’s it! Grades are, miraculously, complete in Powerschool. If you see anything amiss or have something you’d like to discuss, see me at your earliest convenience.

Family Values: Final test. If you were absent, you’ll make it up Monday.

I did give a bonus assignment — it is optional. It is due Monday, and is worth a maximum of 20 points:

  • Choose any current family sitcom (Amazon/Netflix stuff is fine, but it must still be in production.)
  • Analyze it by 1) identifying which of the four family types we discussed it is (could be more than one); 2) making comparisons to at least four shows we have watched, and including at least one comparison each to a) characters; b) plotlines; and c) the shows’ treatment of a current social trend. (I’m not just talking about hot-button topics like abortion or gay marriage; ALL shows deal with current social trends in some way.)
  • Yes, it must be typewritten.
  • How long should it be? Long enough to do what I just requested.

BatCat: Thanks for your help today – the books we needed to get done actually got done. Snowmen Vol. II is a go!

Comedy: We postponed the last test until Monday, when we’ll finish everything up. I do have your notebooks, which you’ll be able to look over at the start of class.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today your final screenplays were due (except those of you that took the test) and we began the table readings. We will finish the table readings on Monday!

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